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Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology that can be used to improve processes and quality across the spectrum of services we provide to deliver healthcare.  Lean Six Sigma employs a collaborative approach using a variety of tools and techniques to empirically assess a problem and create process improvements to reduce waste in our systems and processes.  In 2012 Manitoba health invested in five years of Lean Six Sigma training for staff, in addition to many site and regional programs, which improved operations and processes across the province and facilitated Quality Improvements that improved patient experiences, efficiency and released time for clinicians to spend with patients. Shared Health is leading a provincial approach to offer Lean Six Sigma training from an introduction to tools and concepts to entry-level facilitation skills.  These skills are intended to foster a culture of continuous improvement and development of a learning health system.

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If you are interested in Yellow Belt training, contact the Quality, Patient Safety & Accreditation lead within your Health Authority (PMH staff, contact Performance and Business Planning).

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