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The webinars, recorded presentation, slide decks, and online modules below can support self-learning related to COVID-19 and emerging research and evidence for management of post COVID-19 condition. 

BC ECHO for Post-COVID-19 Recovery
British Columbia – Shared Care Committee, slide decks and recordings
July 13, 2021 – current (monthly)
Free virtual learning community for health-care providers to support patients experiencing ongoing symptoms after a COVID-19 infection.
By: Dr. Jane McKay, Dr. Jill Calder, Raveena Garcha, Dr. Aman Nijjar, Shelley Prytula, Fahreen Dossa, Lesley Wood, Nathaniel Winata, Johnny Chang, Inna Fadeyeyva, & Karin Kausky
Care Models for Long COVID/Post COVID-19 Condition: A Rapid Systematic Review
Canada, slide deck
Oct 6, 2021
To provide the best-available evidence about care models for people living with Long COVID. 
By: Simon Décary, PT, PhD
Changing the way we work: Long COVID and lessons from the UK
COVID-19 Community of Practice Session for Ontario Family Physicians
February 19, 2021
Identify current best practice for delivery of primary care within the context of COVID-19 and how to incorporate into practice and describe point of care resources and tools available to guide decision making and plan of care. 
By: Dr. Trish Greenhalgh, Dr. Daniel Warshafsky, Dr. Liz Muggah, & Dr. David Kaplan
Clinical management of patients with COVID-19 General considerations
WHO, self-learning module
The seven course modules for acute COVID-19 give background on the pandemic and discuss facility operations and preparation, referral systems and interfacility transfer, infection prevention and control, and the role for palliative care for patients. This course also includes discussion of the ethical issues arising during COVID-19 care, including the principles of allocating critical care resources. Overall, this course addresses COVID-19 pandemic preparedness, at all levels of healthcare provision.
Clinical management of patients with COVID-19: Rehabilitation of patients with COVID-19
WHO self-learning modules
The seven course modules address the manifold and varied rehabilitation needs of patients recovering from COVID-19, including patients with cognitive impairment, physical deconditioning and weakness, respiratory impairment, swallow impairment, communication impairment and challenges in completing Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Techniques for rehabilitation also are addressed.
Expanding our understanding of post COVID-19 condition: Webinar 2
June 15, 2021
Present the WHO clinical case definition of post COVID-19 condition, up-to-date research on post COVID-19 condition with a special focus on pathophysiology and care models, and convene parallel panel sessions to further explore bringing pathophysiology into our clinical understanding of post COVID-19 condition and on care models, to develop research priorities.
Implications of Long COVID
CADTH Clinical Resource Series
October 13, 2021
An expert panel will discuss what we know so far about long COVID, provide an update on long COVID clinics, and share their views on what needs to be done to ensure quality of care as the number of “long haulers” grows. 
Panelists: Dr. Angela Cheung, Dr. Jessie Greiner, & Dr. Emilia Liana Falcone
Interventions for rehabilitation of post Covid-19 condition
Malaysia, slide deck
June 10, 2021
Introduction a COVID-19 rehabilitation medicine response and rehabilitation framework model.  Outlines criteria, assessment, intervention, mode of delivery and outcome measures and data.  Recommends interventions for common post-COVID condition symptoms. 
By: Dr Akmal Hafizah Zamli
Long COVID Update: AKA Post COVID Conditions
Alberta Health Services
June 30, 2021
An overview of current research into what Long COVID is, how many people are affected, how Alberta Health Services is meeting the challenge, and what resources are available to patients and providers. 
By: Isabel Henderson, Petra O’Connell, Dr. Chester Ho, Linda Iwasiw
Long COVID Video Series
Long COVID Physio
March 16, 2022
Video series covering various topics.  More videos to be published.
· What is Long COVID? (1:52)
· Why is it called Long COVID? (2:18)
· What are Common Long COVID Symptoms? (3:49)
COVID Corner Series – Lingering Maladies and Long Haulers: The Long-term Effects of COVID-19
University of Calgary
October 7, 2020
Describing the type, frequency and impact of long-term symptoms following resolution of SARS-CoV2 infection.  Recognizing the diagnosis and management of chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgia encephalomyelitis.  Identifying potential long-term pulmonary and cardiac consequences of COVID-19 and an approach to evaluating patients with persistent rheumatologic complaints.  Describing the patient experience and strategies for rehabilitation following discharge from hospital after COVID-19. 
By: Dr. Kelly Burak Msc FRCPC & Dr. Tina Nicholson
COVID Corner SeriesManagement of Acute COVID-19 in the Hospital and Long COVID in the Community
University of Calgary
June 9, 2021
Describing the need for vaccine outreach clinics, the importance of the second dose and evidence for mixing different types of vaccines and the list therapeutics with proven efficacy in improving outcomes in hospitalized patients.  Recognizing persistent symptoms and describing the resources for managing patients with Long COVID. 
By: Dr. Kelly Burak MSc FRCPC & Dr. Doug Woodhouse BScEng, CCFP
Rehabilitation After COVID-19: Allied Health Provider Education Series
Alberta Health Services
Allied health video series on various topics:
· Physical Sequelae (June 10, 2021, 58:20)
· Maximizing Energy and Returning to Daily Activities and Meaningful Occupations (June 15, 2021, 1:00:47)
· Resuming Activity & Exercise (June 22, 2021, 59:57)
· Psychological, Spiritual, & Social Considerations (June 29, 2021, 1:00:22)
· Neurocognitive Sequelae, Functional Cognition, & Cognitive Communication (July 6, 2021, 1:01:04)
· Nutrition, Eating, Feeding & Swallowing (July 13, 2021, 52:06)
· Re-Engagement in the Community (July 20, 2021, 53:51)
Treating Long COVID: Clinician Experience with Post-acute COVID-19 Care
CDC Clinician Outreach and Communication Activity
January 28, 2021
Presenters share firsthand experience treating long COVID, focusing on the pulmonary, neurologic, and psychological aspects.  They will also describe their experiences with establishing clinics that provide care for patients with these long-term effects. 
By: Alfonso C Hernandez-Romieu, MD, MPH, Jennifer Possick, MD, & Allison Navis, MD
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