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Assessing Recovery Needs

Once acute medical issues have been ruled out, complete the COVID-19 Yorkshire Rehab Screen (C19-YRS)-Manitoba to determine the extent which post COVID-19 condition is impacting your patient. The original C19-YRS was designed as a telephone interview but it can be adapted for an in-person encounter.

  • Refer patients with post COVID-19 condition to the self-management resources found on Long COVID / Post COVID-19 Condition.  These self-management resources can be used as part of a larger plan of care for patients who require more interdisciplinary or intensive rehabilitation. Other Long COVID Services are available without a prescriber referral and can be shared with patients and/or their families.
    • The full content of the public website can be downloaded as a pdf in English and French.
  • For patients responding with combined C19-YRS scores of 7 or higher (significant impact), further explore these symptoms to determine any clinical significance.  Symptoms involving cognition, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with positive responses require further exploration.
  • The post COVID-19 condition referral pathways can guide further work-up and referral for patients with more involved interdisciplinary care needs related to post COVID-19 condition and suggest community services that could support the patient’s post COVID-19 condition care needs.

See Screening & Referral Pathways and resources for Chronic or Co-morbid Health Conditions & COVID-19 for more information.

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