Shared Health Research and Innovation is a comprehensive resource for innovation and research within the health care system in Manitoba. 

We provide a robust system of supports to create an environment conducive of supporting initiatives in innovation, research and quality endeavors.

We encourage and support clinicians and researchers throughout Manitoba.  This involves research done in various regional health authorities, service delivery organizations and facilities including, but not limited to, Manitoba’s largest tertiary hospital, Health Sciences Centre.

Shared Health Research and Innovation provides an effective and efficient means to enable research in Manitoba to be conducted as well as to be a central point of contact for all research related enquires to support Shared Health’s research vision.  It aims to support research from initial inception through project implementation.  Upon completion of the project, we also assist with leveraging the outcomes of projects to inform health system improvements and knowledge translation.

Current Timelines and Targets

At Shared Health Research and Innovation, we strive to provide fast, efficient, quality service to the research community.  Since the inception of Research and Innovation, we have been tracking all projects handled by our group to both ensure that we are meeting acceptable timelines and to identify any areas of improvements so that we can reduce total time to activation without sacrificing quality of work.

These timelines for activation include the time from the initial project submission, to the final activation when a project can commence following institutional assessments and agreement finalization.

Average Timeline for Activations in 2022

For all projects activated in 2022 = 92 Days

For projects submitted and activated in 2022 = 52 Days

Target Timelines for Complete Submission to Activation

Clinical Trials = 4-6 Months

Non-Clinical Trials = 3-5 Months

Student Research < 2 Months

Submission Received

Initial Applications221308
Change in Personnel104203

Supported Services

Laboratory Research Policies

Guidelines for Clinical Trials and Research Studies


Current laboratory accreditation certificates can be found on:

the Diagnostic Services Accreditation page

If you are unable to find the certificates required, please contact

Laboratory Information Manual (LIM) & Reference Ranges

Laboratory Reference Ranges are available annually and can be received by contacting  To access the most up-to-date laboratory test information if you are searching for the reference values for additional tests not included in the annual documents, please see the LIM.

TDG / IATA Certification

Laboratory staff responsible for shipments are TDG/IATA certified.  Certificates are available upon request by contacting

Networks and Opportunities

Shared Health is a part of various networks within Manitoba and beyond.  Many of these networks have multiple facets including, research initiatives.  Shared Health Research and Innovation works closely with these partners and looks for new opportunities as they become available.

CAN Health Network

Manitoba Centre for Proteomics and System Biology


Access to PHI for Research

Access to personal health information (PHI) is a vital component of research.  As a Trustee of health information, Shared Health has a responsibility to ensure that information is being accessed for research purposes appropriately.

Shared Health Research and Innovation facilitates both the provision of data pulls for research purposes, using various sources of information, as well as granting researcher access accounts if the data will be procured by the research team directly from health care systems.

Shared Health Research Information Access Request Form

Requests for user access accounts will be set-up and/or modified following activation of the project or relevant amendment.  Once a project receives the activation letter, complete the SH Research Information Access Request form and submit to

Note: Access requests will not be processed automatically following activation.  These requests must be initiated by the research team by submitting the SH Research Information Access Request form to Shared Health Research and Innovation

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