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Referring patients

The MAiD service is now using the MAiD Contact Form in order to help improve efficiency in patient flow through the MAiD process.

The information collected in the MAiD Contact Form helps the MAiD team gather accurate clinical information in a timely manner that will help get patients through the MAiD triaging process quicker. The information requested on the form incudes diagnosis, prognosis, functional status, concerns about losing decision making capacity and patient demographic information. Additional clinical information can be attached and sent as well as part of the MAiD process includes a chart review for potential patients. Our team does have access to electronic charting programs including ARIA, Accuro, EPR and echart.

The MAiD Contact Form can be completed by a care provider involved in the patient’s care and who has access to the information requested in the form including Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses and Care Coordinators.

The MAiD Contact Form is also accessible through Accuro and can be faxed into the MAiD office from Accuro. The MAiD team may also send the form to be completed by the most responsible care provider via fax.

Additional Resources

It is important for all health-care providers in Manitoba to be aware of the legal requirements and processes associated with medical assistance in dying, and their professional responsibilities. While health-care providers are not obligated to provide or participate in medical assistance in dying, all health-care providers have professional responsibilities to their patients. See below for specific guidance.

Health-care providers should also be aware of their responsibilities under Federal reporting requirements.

Specific Guidance

For professions not listed below, please check with your regulatory body/college for guidance documents.


NOTE: Physicians in Manitoba must provide any patient inquiring about medical assistance in dying with timely access to a resource that can provide accurate information about MAiD and make available the patient’s chart and relevant information.



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