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Provincial Accreditation

Shared Health leads and coordinates system-wide accreditation activities that support a continuous cycle of quality improvement, creating a culture of service and learning within health care in Manitoba that is enhanced and sustained throughout the accreditation process. Manitoba’s provincial model for accreditation was developed in consultation with government representatives and health system stakeholders across all provincial health organizations. The Model provides Regional Health Authorities and Service Delivery Organizations with a standardized process that meets the legislative requirements for accreditation in Manitoba.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is used by health-care organizations to ensure they are providing the best care possible. It is an ongoing process in which organizations evaluate their services against national standards of excellence to identify what they do well and where they could do better, and make improvements based on the results. Accreditation helps us make better use of our resources by increasing efficiency, enhancing quality and safety, reducing risk, and improving patient outcomes.

Accreditation Canada

Accreditation Canada is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization that meets extensive third-party accreditation requirements from the Standards Council of Canada, the International Society for Quality in Health Care, and the Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation. It provides health-care organizations with an external peer review process to assess and improve the services provided to patients and clients. To learn more about Accreditation Canada, visit

In addition to Accreditation Canada, our health-care system engages with other regulatory partners, including, but not limited to:

Accreditation Reports

All WRHA/Shared Health sites have been accredited by Accreditation Canada.

Contact Information

Shared Health Provincial Accreditation is the point of contact for the accrediting bodies and health system stakeholders, along with each Health Authority and Service Delivery Organization.

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