Provincial Accreditation

The Shared Health Provincial Accreditation Team provides leadership and coordination of the Accreditation Canada process across the provincial Service Delivery Organizations (SDOs) within Manitoba. Shared Health’s Provincial Accreditation Team is the point of contact for each SDO’s Quality, Patient Safety and Accreditation Leads and provides access to the information, process and structure required throughout the Accreditation Canada process. The team will help lead and coordinate the SDOs as they achieve and maintain their accreditation status. By always remaining ‘accreditation ready’, provincial SDOs can demonstrate their commitment to quality improvement and providing safe care.

Shared Health demonstrates a commitment and accountability to the Accreditation Canada process. We have aligned the key dimensions of quality and safety found in our Manitoba Quality and Learning Framework (MQLF) with those found within Accreditation Canada’s HSO’s standards. By engaging in an ongoing Provincial Accreditation process, achievements in Manitoba’s five-year Clinical and Preventive Service Plan (CPSP) can be attained.

The goals of the Shared Health Provincial Accreditation Team is to build and sustain a provincial accreditation model that supports continuous learning, promotes performance excellence, and demonstrates a positive quality and safety culture. These are fundamental concepts to the MQLF.

The Provincial Accreditation Team’s activities are currently in development and are in alignment with the Provincial Clinical Teams, Targeted Practice Improvement Teams, and Engagement Team. Our initial areas of focus include:

  • Developing and establishing a provincial Accreditation Canada model.
  • Developing an accreditation advisory committee to establish structures to plan, develop and realign accreditation processes within Manitoba.
  • Acting as the key point of contact for Accreditation Canada to support a provincial accreditation process.
  • Liaising with Manitoba Health and Seniors Care (MHSC), who oversee the provincial Accreditation Canada contract.
  • Creating a culture of client service, learning, and improvement that is enhanced and sustained through the accreditation life cycle.

In addition to Accreditation Canada, there are other accreditation bodies our health care system engages with throughout the province.

All WRHA/Shared Health sites have been accredited by Accreditation Canada.

Regulatory Organization Partners

Accreditation Regulatory Partners

Diagnostic Services Regulatory Partners

Team Members

  • Jameson Santiago, Provincial Accreditation Lead
  • Isabel Thompson, Quality Improvement and Accreditation Consultant
  • Clarence Panergo, Quality Improvement and Accreditation Consultant
  • Judy Ridley, Administrative Assistant

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