Patient Safety for Health-Care Providers

Patient safety is about reducing and mitigating unsafe acts within the health-care system, as well as using best practices to create optimal patient outcomes. Improving patient safety is a priority for Shared Health, Manitoba Health, and everyone who deliver health-care services in Manitoba. Patient safety and quality patient outcomes are fundamental to the achievement of the five year Manitoba Clinical and Preventative Service Plan (CPSP).

The Provincial Patient Safety Team  works with Quality, Patient Safety and Accreditation Leads in each of Manitoba’s Service Delivery Organizations to build and sustain an integrated provincial patient safety model that supports the development of a culture of patient safety, which is fundamentally supported by the Manitoba Quality and Learning Framework (MQLF) .

The team will lead and coordinate the development of standardized patient safety tools and processes for reporting, tracking and responding to patient safety events and critical incidents, some of which may be cross jurisdictional. Patient safety quality improvements tools will be informed by a provincial engagement strategy and maintained by a strong learning environment, as supported by the Shared Health’s Provincial Learning and Sharing team. The work of the Patient Safety Team will support provincial health-care organizations in their achievement of accreditation standards.

Initial areas of focus include:

  • Developing mechanisms to share patient safety learnings from critical incidents and other events to improve the patient experience, patient outcomes and reduce future adverse events.
  • Overseeing the development of health system-wide tools, resources and education to promote and improve patient safety across the province.

Patient safety resources for the public, including clients and their families, are available here. Health providers are encouraged to share resources with clients to promote patient safety and encourage active participation of clients in decisions related to their care.

Patient Safety Resources

Events and Disclosure

Patient Safety Events and Disclosure:  Information for Healthcare Providers
This guide provides patient safety event and disclosure information for health-care providers.

The Apology Act Information Sheet
Health-care professionals have an obligation to disclose to patients/clients/residents/families when an unintended event has happened. This information sheet provides information about Manitoba’s Apology Act.

Falls Prevention

A number of fall prevention resources for health-care providers, originally developed by the WRHA, were adopted by a Provincial Joint Management Committee and co-branded with Manitoba Health. The tools and resources are available at: 

The Fall Prevention Month website offers resources to help Canadian organizations and professionals promote fall prevention. 

Additional Resources:

Patient Safety Reports

Culture of Safety

Shifting to a positive workplace culture is linked to increased patient satisfaction and safety, and has benefits to health care providers, teams, and organizations.


Patient safety continues to be a worldwide healthcare priority. Studies and initiatives from around the world include:

Team Members

  • Erin Mudry – Provincial Patient Safety Lead
  • Jennifer Onyskie – Provincial Patient Safety Consultant

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