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Access Improvement Model

The Access Improvement Model (AIM) program is designed for primary care teams. It focuses on improving patient access through developing and understanding quality improvement, change management, and team-building skills. Teams will progress through eight one-hour workshops, each coordinated to fit the participating clinic’s schedule. Teams will also complete a mentored project to build the skills and knowledge necessary to support ongoing improvement efforts, access-related or otherwise, at their clinic.

Patient access

Access means patients are getting the right provider to deliver the right care at the right time and place. Therefore, topics will be discussed to assist teams in developing a shared understanding of where inefficiencies may exist with respect to patient access. This will help maximize the team and clinic’s capacity to meet patient needs.

The three pillars of AIM

Quality Improvement

The Model for Improvement will be applied to problem-solving activities. The training provides structure and flexibility for adapting and learning from each step.

Change Management

“While all changes do not lead to improvement, all improvement requires change.”
Kotter’s change model emphasizes key traits for implementing successful and lasting quality improvement strategies.

Team Building

Simply reconfiguring resources does not ensure effective teamwork. AIM explores concepts centred around communication and engagement to promote the building of high-functioning teams.

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Developed in partnership with the University of Manitoba

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