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This page is your gateway to helpful information, tools and peer-to-peer support for expanding French language services to Francophone patients.

Francophone Health and partner organizations are continually developing new materials. Please return to this page often to check out the latest resources and opportunities.

French Language Training

French-language Training (in-person/online)
Instructor-led formal French-language training via the Université de Saint-Boniface and/or Alliance Française for employees working in the health care sector. *Preference given to employees working in designated bilingual positions or in health and social services organizations and facilities.
Contact your FLS Coordinator for more information.

Rosetta Stone (online – self-directed)
Rosetta Stone Catalyst is an online language course that covers learning content from beginner to advanced levels. The program combines innovative e-learning methods as well as live tutoring sessions. *Preference given to employees working in designated bilingual positions or in health and social services organizations and facilities
Contact your FLS Coordinator for more information.

Duolingo (app – self-directed)
Free third-party mobile app or web account to learn French through quick, bite-sized lessons. Practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing.

Babbel (web – self-directed)
Strengthen your French skills, whatever your motivation to learn. Select a guided learning path based on your skill level, or choose a work-, travel- or culture-focused course.

Mauril (app/web – self-Directed)
Mauril is a free digital platform leveraging a wide range of stimulating and entertaining content from CBC/Radio-Canada to help users learn French and English. Financed and endorsed by the Government of Canada, this new tool is meant to help improve oral comprehension and integrate language knowledge in everyday life.

News in Slow French
Free third-party digital platform to enhance your French language listening comprehension abilities. On the newest weekly program, their host presents key information and insights in plain language. Transcripts include contextual translations to help you stay in French.

Educational Tools

Learning management system (LMS): Active Offer of French Language Services
The Active Offer of French Language Services online course introduces Regional Health Authority employees to the French Language Services (FLS) Policy and the Francophone Community Enhancement and Support Act. Available in both a French and English.

VIDEO: Why offer services in French?

Created by Santé en français to build initial awareness about the importance of the Active Offer of French-language health and social services.

PODCAST: Let’s Talk Bilingualism – Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages
In their podcasts, the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages focuses on the experiences of young bilingual Canadians who talk about the challenges and benefits of living in two official languages.

VIDEO: De chants et de batailles
De chants et de batailles is a theatrical play presented by the Conseil jeunesse provincial (CJP) based on the historic facts and events that shaped Manitoba’s Francophone community.  Subtitles, in French and in English, thanks to the support of Santé en français.

VIDEO: Notre language, à ma manière – Témoignages 1 : L’insécurité linguistique
Notre language, à ma manière Témoignages 1: L’insécurité linguistique presented by the Conseil jeunesse provincial (CJP) are a series of testimonials to raise awareness and equip people to implement efforts to enhance linguistic security in the Francophone community.

VIDEO: Notre language, à ma manière – Témoignages 4 : Trouvons des solutions
Notre language, à ma manière Témoignages 4: Trouvons des solutions presented by the Conseil jeunesse provincial (CJP) are a series of testimonials to raise awareness and equip people to implement efforts to enhance linguistic security in the Francophone community.

VIDEO: Service in French – It Matters!
Developed by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority to illustrate the need of French Language Services and how it impacts quality and safety of care.

ICI TOU.TV is the number one entertainment platform in Canada for on-demand, French-language video streaming that offers series from Québec and elsewhere, documentaries, various programs, and more! Some ICI TOU.TV content is available free of charge without a subscription.

VIDEO : Active Offer
What is and how to provide an Active Offer.
Active Offer – YouTube

Support Groups

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French-Language Terminology Resources

LexiGo Santé – Bilingual Lexicon
Bilingual lexicon developed by Santé en français to facilitate the work of the province’s health and social services professionals.

LexiGo Santé – Useful Sentences
Downloadable free booklet and app of useful sentences in English and in French developed by Santé en français designed specifically for healthcare and social services professionals

Interpretation Guide for Health Care Professionals – English/French
Downloadable free app funded by the Government of Canada, Department of Canadian Heritage, and the Office of French Language Services of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Designed as a quick and simple tool to provide French equivalents for medical terms and phrases commonly used in various contexts. Useful to health care professionals in their efforts to communicate with their French-speaking patients.

Government of Manitoba Terminology Bank
Online database of Manitoba’s public terminology records in French and in English.

TERMIUM Plus®, one of the largest terminology and linguistic data banks in the world, gives you access to millions of terms in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. You can find terms, abbreviations, definitions, and usage examples in a wide range of specialized fields.

Glossary of Health Services – Terminology
Free downloadable PDF glossary provided by the Government of Canada Translation Bureau for standardizing the terminology used by language professionals, health services users and health workers, thereby facilitating communication between Anglophones and Francophones within the health services community.

WRHA Lexicon
Is a terminology bank drawn from WRHA documents including but not limited to the following: Mental Health, Home Care, Long Term Care, Primary are, Healthy Sexuality etc.).
Dictionaries & Lexicons – WRHA Professionals


Bilingual Employee Identifier (Hello/Bonjour)
Bilingual employees that are willing and able to provide service in French are encouraged to wear one of the green Hello/Bonjour identifying items available from Francophone Health. The following items are available free of charge:

  • Lanyard
  • Badge pull
  • Magnetic badge
  • Badge with pin

Contact your FLS Coordinator for more information.

French-Learner Identifier
Employees that are learning French and want to practice in the workplace can demonstrate their effort by wearing a “J’apprends le français” (I’m learning French) button. The button is available free of charge.
Contact your FLS Coordinator for more information.

Tools and Resources

Language Access – Interpreter Services

Shared Health Language Access Interpreter Services employs trained, accredited interpreters who provide services in 36 languages. Interpreter Services are available 24/7, either face-to-face, remotely (video conference, conference call) or on-demand over-the-phone in over 200 languages through an external contracted provider.
Contact your FLS Coordinator for more information.

Tools and Resources – Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages
Various guides and best practices indented for public entities to support the effective and efficient delivery of services in official language minority communities.

Bilingual and Francophone Facilities, Programs and Sites
List of designated bilingual health authorities as per The Health System Governance and Accountability Act and the list of bilingual and Francophone facilities, programs and sites designated and administered by the health authorities. These entities, facilities, programs, and sites have the obligation of providing health services in French equivalent in quality, availability, and accessibility to that offered in English and is required to actively offer services in both French and English.

Windows ALT codes for French accents
Quick reference tool – If you write in French on a laptop or on a regular basis on a desktop computer, the best way to type accents on a PC is with the international keyboard. But if you only type them occasionally and you have a full keyboard, you can use ALT codes. They work with the numeric keypad, NOT the row of numbers across the top of your keyboard.

Keyboard Language Settings – Instructions
After you enable the keyboard layout for two or more languages in the Windows operating system, you can use the Language bar to switch between languages that use different keyboard layouts.


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Related Websites

Linguistic Duality Website
Linguistic Duality is important for Canada. It doesn’t matter if you are Anglophone or Francophone: it is about recognizing that the two official languages have a place in every community in Canada. Maybe you are not aware of how linguistic duality plays an important role in your everyday life, our aim is to help Canadians become aware of it so they can see how communities support it.

Official Languages Hub®
The Official Languages Hub® is a useful tool for Canadians who need information on any aspect of official languages. It allows users to simultaneously search a wide variety of official languages resources from various Government of Canada departments and agencies. Use it to find standards and policies, promotion tools, best practices, learning resources and useful information on various aspects of official languages in Canada.

Resources of the Language Portal of Canada
Access free tools to improve your knowledge of English and French. Polish your writing skills with our quizzes, contribute to the Our Languages blog, and explore a selection of language-related Canadian links.

Awareness building tools for workplaces

  • PowerPoint presentation about the goals and benefits of difference en français.
  • Staff Messages to help you communicate with your staff
  • Posters
    • Poster 1
    • Poster 2
    • Poster 3
  • Downloadable artwork for use in print and digital communications
    • Art 1
    • Art 2
    • Art 3

Francophone Health has print versions of many of these posters and artwork. Order yours today.


Santé en français (Manitoba)
Santé en français is a community organization that represents Manitoba’s Francophones, ensuring and promoting French-language services in the health care and social services field.

Société Santé en français (SSF)
Société Santé en français, a national leader, facilitate through its collaborative leadership a better access to quality, equitable health programs and services in French.

“To help build trust on the surgical care unit, our staff always try to speak French with patients
who have French as their primary language.”

Ward manager

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