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Advantages of providing service en français

Speaking a patient’s preferred language is one more way you can provide the best possible health care experience. It can have a real impact on patient outcomes and workplace satisfaction, whether you are greeting people at reception or offering detailed medical advice.

For the patient

Studies and experience show that patients appreciate efforts to communicate with them in the language of their choice, regardless of your level of proficiency. Speaking French can improve Francophone patient safety and treatment outcomes in many ways:

  • It can increase patients’ understanding of the medical information they are given, which helps them make informed decisions and comply with treatment regimes.
  • It makes patients feel “heard” and helps reduce their anxiety about pain and other uncertainties.
  • It improves patients’ sense of well-being by helping them feel safer, more comfortable and cared for.

For the facility

Speaking French to Francophone patients can also lead to measurable advances in the quality and efficiency of health care delivery:

  • Cost savings can be achieved through reduced duplication of services.
  • Better outcomes can result from quicker diagnoses and delivery of treatments.
  • Effectiveness of health promotion to the Francophone community is improved.
  • Stronger patient relationships are nurtured when Francophones feel more confident and less fearful.

For the service provider

People are drawn to the health care field by a strong desire to help. When you speak French to Francophone patients, you know you are offering the best service and support to patients during important life moments.

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