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Shared Health Research and Innovation Leadership Team

Dr. Paul Beaudin

Director of Research and Innovation

Paul Beaudin has extensive experience as a health system evaluator and researcher within both the hospital and health care industry. Paul has substantial training and experience in evaluation methodology, research design, research administration and policy development, stakeholder needs assessment, quality improvement monitoring, training presentations, project management, statistical data analysis, and facilitation.  He spent 12 years as a researcher and evaluator with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority before moving into his current role, Director of Research and Innovation within Shared Health Research and Innovation.

Paul leads and continues to advocate and champion research and innovation within Manitoba. Through engagement with researchers, stakeholders, health system leaders, Paul’s focus is to nurture, facilitate and support continuous improvement in research and innovation, and create opportunities for research growth, sustainability and collaborations within the health care system.

Brendon Foot


Research Operations, Business Development and Industry Liaison

Brendon Foot has an extensive background in clinical research project management and delivery, regulatory affairs, and change management within the clinical health and life sciences research sector. Leveraging over 20 years of experiential knowledge, Brendon continues to support the Manitoba research community as the Manager of Research Operations, Business Development, and Industry Liaison with Shared Health. Through his role, Brendon’s focus is on contracts, physical and human capital resource management, research policy and procedure development, consultation and liaison with public and private sector and ongoing business development, and leading cross functional teams in the pursuit of advancing innovative research in Manitoba.

Laura Curtis


Institutional Approvals, Performance, and Health System Alignment

Laura Curtis has extensive experience in clinical research project assessment, facilitation, and implementation. Laura played a key role in the establishment of the Diagnostic Services Manitoba (DSM) Research Support Office in 2014, which provided a provincial approach to Diagnostic Services research. Leveraging the knowledge and skills acquired through her various roles within the DSM, Laura is now the Manager of Institutional Approvals, Performance & Health System Alignment with Shared Health Research and Innovation. Laura’s focus is overseeing the assessment and implementation of research within the health system, developing and evaluating performance metrics, process development to mitigate barriers to health system research, and is the lead for Health System Harmonization, which aligns provincial processes within the health care setting.

Shared Health Research and Innovation General Staff

  • Beau Overby, Research Services Assistant
  • Brittany Semenchuk, Research Agreement Analyst
  • Denry Eulalia, Administrative Assistant
  • Destinee Comegan, Research Agreement Analyst
  • Josie Villanueva, Financial Analyst
  • Judy Dyrland, Administrative Assistant
  • Veronika Eliasova, Research Services Assistant

General Contact Information

Our office supports a virtual, work from home program.  We encourage all enquiries to be sent via email.

In an order to ensure streamlined services, with appropriate coverage, Shared Health Research and Innovation is utilizing shared email accounts. Please ensure that messages are sent to the appropriate contact as outlined below.

  • General inquiries
  • Project Status Updates (contract and impact)
  • Impact/privacy related submissions
  • Laboratory related requests
  • Escalation Contact – Laura Curtis at

  • General contract inquiries & submissions
  • Escalation Contact – Brendon Foot at

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