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EMR Optimization Modules

Review our series of handbooks providing guidance on the implementation and optimization of key Home Clinic concepts. Get started with the Reference Guide, then review Modules 1-4 which provide practical guidance with key takeaways and next steps your Home Clinic can perform to optimize use of your EMR through quality improvement activities. Contact your assigned Home Clinic Liaison for more support and guidance on how to use these learning modules.

EMR Optimization Reference Guide

  • Orientation to EMR optimization
  • Getting started
  • Benefits
  • Common issues
  • Supporting frameworks
  • Support

Module 1 – Home Clinic Foundations

  • Patient enrolment
  • Background
  • Key concepts
  • Submission and processing
  • Patient communication
  • Ongoing Home Clinic activities

Module 2 – Enrolment Correctness

  • Active and passive enrolment
  • Pending activities
  • Remediation
  • Enrolment correctness

Module 3 – Primary Care Quality Indicators, Primary Care Data Extract and Reports

  • Introduction to PCQIs and clinical reminders
  • Purpose and use of PCDE
  • Understanding reports
  • Data quality report
  • Primary Care report
  • Client validation report

Module 4 – Quality of Clinical Data

  • Quality of clinical data capture
  • Consistency
  • Completeness
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