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To support health care workers involved in providing care to Indigenous patients there are several tools and resources focused on culturally-safe care in Manitoba. Please see below for more information.

Truth & Reconciliation Tool

Shared Health Indigenous Health developed the Truth and Reconciliation tool to guide strategic direction in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Calls to Action.

Indigenous peoples are diverse and across Manitoba it is recognized that each health region is responsible for the delivery of services to a unique set of communities and cultures.

The Truth and Reconciliation Tool ensures teams:

  1. Have knowledge of relevant legislation and guidance in the health system;
  2. Access help in applying legislation and guidance to support project or change management strategies;
  3. Identify actions/tasks to address The Path to Reconciliation Act and related legislation – focusing on performance, oversight and accountability;
  4. Promote a culture in which TRC are central to planning and a key component of health system work.

The tool will continue to evolve in order to appropriately and accurately reflect the needs of communities and local health priorities.

Indigenous Partnership Strategic Framework

The Indigenous Partnership Strategic Framework was developed to ensure the inclusion of an Indigenous lens in health system collaboration.

The Indigenous Partnership Team supports Manitoba Health Authorities and individual projects as they ensure culturally safe and accessible services for Indigenous peoples and advancement of the TRC Calls to Action.

Engagement Spectrum

Health Authority Indigenous Health Programs

Providing culturally-safe care is a priority for all Manitoba health authorities. Below are links to the programs offered by each health authority.


Southern Health-Santé Sud


Prairie Mountain Health

Northern Health Region

CancerCare Manitoba

Cultural Safety in Action

WRHA Indigenous Health has a variety of resources available for Indigenous people seeking information about heath care in Winnipeg. Please click here to visit their page.

Indigenous Services Canada

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