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Measles Information for Health-Care Workers

There is an increase in Measles activity worldwide, including recent cases in Canada.

All health-care workers are reminded to maintain vigilance for measles symptoms and follow Routine Practices consistently.

HCWs are considered immune to measles if they have laboratory confirmed evidence of either immunity or disease or a history of two doses of a measles containing vaccine after their first birthday. HCWs who do not meet these criteria should receive one or two doses of vaccine as required. Non-immunized HCWs who are exposed to measles who are found not to be immune will be furloughed from days 5-21 post exposure.

Occupational health may have a record of staff immunizations. You can also find your immunization record at Your Immunization Record Matters if you were immunized after 1988. Immunizations provided prior to 1988 are unlikely to be included in Manitoba Health’s official registry. Please check for paper records at home or with your local health care provider. Vaccination for measles can be received through your health-care provider, public health or occupational health.

Only HCWs with presumptive immunity to measles should provide care to patients with suspect/confirmed measles. Non-immune, susceptible staff may only enter the room in exceptional circumstances (i.e., no immune staff are available and patient safety would be compromised otherwise).

All HCWs regardless of presumptive immunity to measles are to wear a fit-tested, seal-checked N95 respirator when providing care to a patient with suspect or confirmed measles.

Additional personal protective equipment such as gloves, gown, and eye protection may be added as required based on a Point of Care Risk Assessment, and is recommended as part of Additional Precautions when caring for individuals presenting with respiratory symptoms and/or undifferentiated viral symptoms.

Individuals who do not have presumptive evidence of immunity and are exposed to measles will be required to be off work from Days 5-21 following exposure.

As health-care workers, you may experience an increase in questions related to measles from patients and/or members of the public. For the latest information about vaccine eligibility criteria and immunization records, please visit Vaccine Eligibility | Health | Province of Manitoba (, and review the latest communications from Public Health.


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