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Canadian Patient Safety Week – Oct. 23-27, 2023


Canadian Patient Safety Week takes place from October 23-27, 2023 with the theme of SMALL CHANGES. BIG IMPACT. SAFER CARE.

This year’s theme is about changing our way of reflecting, interacting and practicing patient safety, and is encouraging health-care professionals to start thinking and talking about patient safety differently, and together – through curiosity, learning and action – to reduce all forms of health-care harm.

Change doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Even small changes can have a big impact when it comes to delivering safer care. Small things like asking a question, having a quick conversation or proactively, taking action.

That’s all part of a new approach to patient safety grounded in exploring, learning, and acting to create safer care and reduce all forms of harm.

We all play a part in a patient’s journey through our health-care system.

Canadian Patient Safety Week Provincial Contest

As part of the campaign, we’d like to recognize the excellent patient safety work happening in Manitoba. Across Manitoba, more than 12,000 highly skilled and dedicated healthcare professionals continually work together to meet the needs of Manitobans through every experience and interaction with clients, residents, families, and communities.

We want to hear how YOU support the delivery of safe, compassionate care to Manitobans.

Some examples: “Our unit changed the way we do shift handover”, “My team changed the client flow through the waiting room”, “We now have volunteers assisting patients while they wait for transportation”, or “We created an interruption-free zone in our med prep area.”


All ideas submitted will be entered into the prize draws and shared for learning on our website

Sharing your innovative changes to improve care and outcomes for our patients not only gives you and your team a chance to be recognized for your work but also provides a venue for other staff across the Manitoba health-care system to learn about your work and use it to improve care in their own Service Delivery Organization.

Patient Safety Week Quiz

Let’s test your patient safety knowledge! Give this quiz a try! And just for playing along, you can win a random draw prize!

Psychological Safety: The Key to Patient-Centred Care

Participate on Social Media

Shared Health will also be posting patient safety themed content to their various social media accounts. Please share and join the conversation – let’s get #PatientSafety trending across Manitoba.


General Resources

General Resources

  • It’s Safe to Ask Posters, Brochures and Medication Card
    The ‘It’s Safe To Ask’ posters and brochures, as well as the Medication Card have been updated.  These resources can be used to improve communication between health-care providers and patients/clients/residents and families.
  • The E.R.I.K.®
    Shared Health will feature the Emergency Response Information Kit (E.R.I.K.) during patient safety week.
  • The Patient/Resident/Client Advocate Agreement – This agreement is for people who wish to appoint a trusted friend or family member to support them and/or act on their behalf.
  • It’s Safe to Ask- Medical Test Follow UpThis brochure can be used to improve communication between health-care providers and patients/clients/residents and families regarding medical test results.
  • A Guide to a Critical Incident and Disclosure:  Information for Patients and Families – Health-care providers do their best to ensure patients, clients and residents receive safe care. However, unintended events can happen and cause unintended harm. These are called patient safety events. A serious patient safety event may be recognized as a critical incident. When health-care providers discuss the facts about a critical incident with a patient, client, resident, and/or family member, this process is called disclosure. This guide:
    • Defines ‘critical incident’
    • Explains what patients and families can expect, and what health care organizations will do when a critical incident occurs
  • Patient Safety Events and Disclosure: Information for Healthcare ProvidersThis guide provides patient safety event and disclosure information for Healthcare providers.
  • The Apology Act Information Sheet – Health care professionals have an obligation to disclose to patients/clients/residents/families when an unintended event has happened. This information sheet provides information about Manitoba’s Apology Act.
Healthcare Excellence Resources

Healthcare Excellence Resources

Please visit Healthcare Excellence Canada’s website for a full listing of their Canadian Patient Safety Week activities at  This year’s Canadian Patient Week theme is “SMALL CHANGES. BIG IMPACT. SAFER CARE”. To learn more please visit:

Shared Community Resources

Shared Community Resources

When colleagues, patients and the community feel safe and respected, it improves quality of care, experience, and, ultimately, patient outcome. New Shared Community resources to support creating a health-care environment that is free of judgement, equally safe and inclusive are available here.

If you have questions, please contact

Safety Practices Posters

Safety Practices: Required Organizational Practice (ROP) Posters for Staff

Health-care organizations aim to have safety practices in place which meet or exceed Health Standards Organization (HSO’s) requirements. Accreditation Canada assesses healthcare organizations on how well they meet HSO’s Standards & Required Organizational Practices (ROPs).

Posters have been created, which include information on safety practices, that are linked to ROPs found in HSO’s clinical standards.

These posers can be utilized to promote awareness around safety practices. Use these resources to engage and support your team on their quality and safety improvement efforts.

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