Basic Support Service Engagement Request

Shared Health’s Patient, Public and Family Engagement Team will:

  • Post your engagement activity / project on the Patient and Family Advisor Network
  • Share it with our Patient and Family Advisors who will be directed to your organization

In return, we ask that you:

  • Follow best practices in engagement
  • Inform Shared Health’s Patient, Public and Family Engagement Staff upon completion of the engagement opportunity regarding the following items:
    • Provide a summary of how many Patient and Family Advisors were recruited through the Network; and
    • How their contribution and participation influenced the outcome

Note: When completing this form, please use plain language, keep as short as possible, define acronyms, and avoid medical terms.

To ensure your submission is accepted, please avoid using any special characters in the form below, such as: ! ‘ # $ % ^ & * ( ) ?, etc.

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