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Understanding the Realities of Gender Diverse Peoples to Strengthen our Care Systems

Presented by: Zakary-Georges Gagné (she/they).
Francophone Engagement Coordinator, The Enchanté Network.

A limited amount of services offer adequate and affirming support for gender diverse peoples in Canada. That is a true statement no matter what language you are fluent in. 2Spirit, Non-binary and Trans individuals often end up waiting to access these services or settling for services subjecting them to various forms of discrimination and systemic violence.

Similar to other minority groups, Francophones in Canada face barriers that are specific and unique to their location, and that often complicate access to appropriate and informed services.

In this presentation, Zakary-Georges Gagné will discuss the role that organizations or institutions offering care or support have in the creation of welcoming and intersectional spaces for gender diverse peoples, with specific attention to French-language spaces.

Learning Objectives

After this Webinar, participants will have learned about:

  • The realities of gender diverse peoples in Canada and the systems of oppression that impact their experiences
  • The specific barriers French speakers deal with in linguistic minority settings
  • The importance of creating trans-affirming and indigenized community spaces
Webinars are offered in both official languages: English and French. This Webinar will run in French with simultaneous English and American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation. A Webinar recording in English and French will be made available after the Webinar. Register for the Webinar and receive an email when the recording is posted!

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Feb 28 2023


Central Time (Manitoba)
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
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