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Robert Martin Memorial Lecture: Turning uncertainty into opportunity: How the science of serendipity can help you create joy, meaning – and “smart luck”

Dr. Christian Busch
Director & Assistant Professor, Centre for Global Affairs, New York University

Dr. Busch’s perspective is very timely in the current context of uncertainty driven by pandemic, economic, climate, and world conflict challenges, where unexpected events have become a key part of our experiences. Dr. Busch will speak to the scientific framework behind the hidden force of serendipity. He will address how to identify, act on and share serendipity, and how to use uncertainty as a pathway to more joyful lives and to create meaningful impact.

Please email to register for the Department of Clinical Health Psychology’s Robert Martine Memorial Lecture with Dr.

Full details can be found on the UM events page:–turning-uncertainty-into-opportunity—how-the-science-of-serendipity-can-help-you-create-joy-meaning–and-smart-luck/


Feb 09 2023


Central Time (Manitoba)
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM


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