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Queering the Compass Pathways to 2S/TLGBQIA+ Sexual and Reproductive Health

The Queering the Compass training promotes sexual and reproductive health within 2STLGBQIA+ communities while improving the capacity of healthcare workers and service providers who serve them. This training will address gaps in healthcare services and empower healthcare professionals in providing inclusive care.

This free one-day online training will cover four modules:

  • Module 1: Intersectional Affirming Care explores affirming care as a central service provision and practice principle. This module focuses on preparing and empowering service providers with the practical skills and knowledge needed to deliver services to 2STLGBQIA+ community members effectively. Participants will engage in discussions about affirmation and affirming care with opportunities to critically reflect on systemic and personal attitudes prevalent in healthcare systems.
  • Module 2: Centering Pleasure in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare for 2STLGBQIA+ Folks develops a collective understanding of pleasure and why centring pleasure within sexual and reproductive health is essential to health outcomes, as well as exploring how service providers can incorporate pleasure into their practice within the context of working with 2STLGBQIA+ community members. The module’s purpose is to empower service providers to develop pleasure-centric approaches, strategies, and tools in their engagements with the communities they serve.
  • Module 3: Ableism in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare highlights, through the voices of disability activists, the realities of service provision, access, sex, and disability for 2STLGBQIA+ community members. In this module, participants critically reflect on their service provision, challenge ableist practices, and discuss the importance of challenging and changing ableist practices in healthcare.
  • Module 4: Honouring Queer Kinship and Family Choices provides participants with the knowledge and skills to deliver services in practical ways that honour and meet the needs of 2STLGBQIA+ service seekers as they make family choices and decisions related to their sexual and reproductive health.
Free online training on March 23, 2023.
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Mar 23 2023


9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


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