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Opening ourselves: Understanding unconscious bias and its role in practice

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Colleen Schneider, Provincial Lead, Public, Patient, Family Engagement, Shared Health Manitoba


Carol Fancott, Director, Patient Engagement and Partnerships, Healthcare Excellence Canada

Denise McCuaig, Métis Elder/Indigenous Coach

Building on previous sessions that explore anti-oppression frameworks, this session looks more deeply at the impact of unconscious bias within a healthcare environment. Participants will learn about trauma-informed, relationship-based approaches to patient engagement that have helped build trust, promote safety and foster inclusion within a health region.

As part of creating a meaningful learning experience, participants will be invited to complete pre-work associated with each session, such as reviewing short videos or doing personal reflection. This will be emailed to participants in advance of the session.

This session is offered in English with simultaneous interpretation in French. ASL/LSQ will also be available on request.

Learn more about the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Virtual Learning Series.

About the Speaker:

Colleen is a white settler with Irish, Welsh, Scottish, and British ancestry. She is a trained city planner, mediator, and project manager. Professionally and personally, she has worked to engage and empower communities and individuals to shape their environments and improve their lives. This has taken her from the fields of international development and non-profit housing to child welfare community-based prevention, and finally into healthcare. In her previous role at the Winnipeg Health Region, Colleen set the foundation for patient and public engagement and is most proud of the work she did engaging patients, community members, and staff to explore the impact of bias on patient experience, treatment, and outcomes. Out of this work came an action plan to acknowledge and address these impacts on the interpersonal, organizational, and systemic levels. She is able to move this work forward to the provincial level now in her new job, leading and coordinating public and patient engagement across Manitoba, supporting the work to disrupt racism in healthcare.

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Mar 23 2022


Central Time (Manitoba)
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM


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