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CADTH Webinar: Using Labs Wisely

Launched in 2014, Choosing Wisely Canada (CWC) quickly established itself as an essential contributor to health care quality in Canada by making patients and clinicians aware of unnecessary tests, treatments, and procedures that often do more harm than good. After issuing more than 400 recommendations on everything from allergy treatments to vascular surgery, CWC is now bringing its expertise and extensive clinical network to another area where overuse is rampant: laboratory tests. Studies estimate that decreasing unnecessary laboratory tests in hospitals could save as much as $82 million annually — money that could be redirected to more clinically meaningful tests. Join Dr. Wendy Levinson, the chair of CWC, and a panel of clinical and policy experts for an introduction to CWC’s new Using Labs Wisely program for hospitals. Learn about how the program works, who is involved, what tests show evidence of providing little or no benefit, and what the benefits are for policy-makers, hospital administrators, clinicians, and patients.


  • Dr. Wendy Levinson, Chair, Choosing Wisely Canada
  • Dr. Janet Simons, medical biochemist and internist, Providence Health Care
  • Francois Belanger, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Alberta Health Services


  • Jeannine Lagassé, Deputy Minister of Health and Wellness, Nova Scotia

To participate, please register. There is no cost to attend. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with information about how to join the webinar.
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Jun 03 2022


Central Time (Manitoba)
11:00 PM - 11:00 PM


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