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Click on the links below to view videos and educational presentations targeted at optimizing the use of your EMR and supporting Home Clinics.

Home Clinic and patient enrolment supports

EMR Certification in Manitoba
This video explains the EMR certification process released in December 2015. Learn about the certification process, the two levels of EMR certification, responsibilities you may have if you are an EMR purchaser and the benefits of using a Certified EMR in Manitoba.

How EMRs support your Home Clinic: Certified EMRs in Manitoba
Learn about the EMR Certification components in Manitoba that support Home Clinics with receiving and sharing clinical information through integrations with provincial systems and services.

Client Registry Query Service
This service combines best practices and information technologies, providing authorized users of Manitoba Certified EMR Products with a secure method to query and import client demographics directly from the Provincial Client Registry system through an interface directly into their EMR. This video covers information available in Client Registry, patient registration best practices and the benefits of using the service.

Home Clinic Enrolment Service
This video outlines the Home Clinic Enrolment Service which provides clinics with an efficient method to manage client enrolment and submit enrolment data to the Home Clinic Repository. Learn about the benefits of using this service which include improved accuracy and timeliness of enrolment, fewer enrolment rejections and up-to-date remediation messages being delivered directly to Certified EMRs.

Home Clinic Client Summary Service
This video provides information on the Home Clinic Client Summary, a document that contains an enrolled patient’s key health information provided from a Home Clinic’s Certified EMR to support the provision of care outside the Home Clinic.  The video then outlines the Home Clinic Client Summary Service, the secure mechanism used to submit the clinical information to eChart Manitoba, the provincial electronic health record.  Home Clinics will learn about how the service works, how to apply and what is required for a successful implementation.

Implementing Home Clinic Client Summaries: What my clinic needs to know
Review this video for guidance on what your Home Clinic needs to know to support sharing primary care information for enrolled patients to eChart Manitoba. Learn about the information contained in the Client Summary, benefits to your enrolled patients and things to consider related to EMR data quality.

Primary Care Quality Indicators: Supporting quality patient care in Manitoba
This video provides an introduction to Manitoba’s Primary Care Quality Indicators (PCQIs) and how they support measurement of prevention, screening and management of chronic conditions. Learn about the importance of data quality including some EMR tips and tricks to help you leverage PCQIs in support of quality patient care.

Primary Care Data Extract: Leveraging Primary Care Quality Indicators in Manitoba
Learn about the Primary Care Data Extract (PCDE) and the benefits to submitting on a regular basis. This video covers key data elements, the importance of EMR data quality, and how a Manitoba Certified EMR can support efficient collection and submission of a robust PCDE to maximize value for Home Clinics.

How to use Microsoft Excel to optimize value of your Home Clinic Portal reports
Learn Excel basics on how to navigate reports, merge and unmerge cells, search for information and filter to the data you want to review. Live video in Excel walks you through the steps to gather the information you need to best support your enrolled patients.

Understanding the Primary Care Report for Home Clinics
This video assists Home Clinics with understanding their enhanced Primary Care Reports. Home Clinics can learn about the sources and components of the report and how to interpret a variety of key tables and figures including information on patient enrolment, visit activity and completeness results for Primary Care Quality Indicators.

Individual Enrolment in the Home Clinic Portal
This video outlines when individual enrolment may be necessary in the Home Clinic Portal. Learn how to search, add and enrol patients, along with information on associating patients with a Most Responsible Provider.

Immunization Query Service
This video introduces the Immunization Query Service which provides a secure integration between Certified EMRs and Manitoba’s Public Health Information Management System (PHIMS) providing on-demand access to immunization information.  The Immunization Query Service provides the ability for an EMR user to generate a search from a specific patient record in the EMR and view that patient’s immunization history from PHIMS. After viewing, the user will have the ability to select which immunization records they wish to incorporate into their EMR.

Continuous quality improvement

Basic Computer Skills
Watch this video to learn basic skills to improve your computer use (PC or Mac). Many of the tips and tricks shared can be used to improve EMR use. Topics include keyboard shortcuts, mouse techniques, selecting text, and performing activities such as cut, copy and paste. Learn how to manage multiple windows and where to find answers to your computer-related questions.

Patient Demographics: Best Practices
This video provides best practice guidelines for patient registration in your EMR. Learn about registration steps and the key information required along with additional tips to support clinics with entering patient demographics successfully.

Understanding EMR data quality
Learn about the importance and benefits of strong EMR data quality. Explore some common data quality issues along with strategies for improvement.

Evaluating and improving EMR data quality
This video provides practical examples clinics can review to evaluate and improve EMR data quality using six data quality characteristics. Information is provided on how to define, refine and focus EMR data quality improvement efforts.

Preparing and planning for continuous quality improvement
Review frameworks, concepts and principles that support continuous quality improvement activities in relation to EMR data. Learn about how practice reflection can support data quality improvement and questions your Home Clinic can ask to get started.

Practical tools and tips for continuous quality improvement
Review practical tools and tips your Home Clinic can implement to support continuous quality improvement activities including the PICO approach, SMART goal setting and the Plan-Do-Study-Act Model for Improvement.

Home Clinic Client Summary mockups: a continuous quality improvement activity
Learn about a data quality improvement activity your Home Clinic can complete to evaluate and improve EMR data quality specific to supporting the submission of comprehensive Home Clinic Client Summaries to eChart Manitoba.

Privacy and security

Privacy and Electronic Information Systems
Review information contained in The Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) in the context of electronic information systems. Topics include education and training, policies and procedures, access to information, auditing and the role of the Privacy Officer.

Information security starts with you
Learn about best practice guidelines as well as some tips and tricks on creating and managing strong passwords for use with electronic information systems such as EMRs.

Creating and managing strong passwords
This video outlines common security risks such as phishing, malware and viruses. Practical tips, guidelines and strategies are shared to support the protection of electronic information.

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