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Becoming a Home Clinic

Primary Care is the Foundation of the Health-Care System

Home Clinic registration is now open and clinics can register at any time. To find out more about Home Clinics and the supports to providers, please visit the Digital Shared Services website.

Benefits of Becoming a Home Clinic

  • access to valuable reports that will provide insight into your enrolled patient population, completeness of patient demographic and clinical data, as well as comparative data to show how your clinic is performing in relation to other Home Clinics;
  • fee-for-service Family Physicians associated with a Home Clinic will be eligible to claim the Comprehensive Care Management Tariffs for their qualifying, enrolled patients as of April 1, 2017;
  • in the future, Home Clinics using an EMR certified by Manitoba against information sharing specifications, will be able to share essential clinical information about their enrolled patients with episodic care providers and, in return, receive information regarding episodic care provided to enrolled patients. This continuity of information is expected to support will be valuable to care providers, and valued by enrolled patients.

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