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Pronoun Cards 
A shared Pride initiative

By displaying and using correct pronouns, we are all working together to create environments that are inclusive and safe for both staff and the patient populations we serve.

Pronoun cards are now available as an optional item for Shared Health staff. Cards are available in two lengths, for staff with regular ID badges and for those with profession cards who require a longer version. Please note that profession cards are not available through Shared Health at this time.

Below is a list of the pronoun cards currently available to staff:

  • SHE/HER 
  • HE/HIM
  • HE/IL

If you have filled out the Shared Health Pronoun Card Survey to pre-order your pronoun card, please watch your email for pick-up instructions, as they vary based on your location.

Shared Health Staff working in Provincial Health Services (ERS, Diagnostics, Mental Health),
Shared Services and Provincial Health Planning

Shared Health staff who have pre-ordered their pronoun card through the Shared Health Pronoun Card Survey will receive an email with information about when and where to pick up their cards.

If you don’t receive communication by March 1, please contact for more information.

Shared Health Staff located at Health Sciences Centre

Shared Health staff located at Health Sciences Centre who have pre-ordered their pronoun card through the Shared Health Pronoun Card Survey will receive an email with information about picking up their Pronoun ID badges at the following times:

Dates: February 14 & 15

Time: 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Location: MS2 (Orange Bison Zone – Level 2) outside of Volunteer Services

If you are unable to pick up during those times, pronoun card pick-up will be available at HSC’s Volunteer Services, Level 2 – MS208, until the end of March during their regular operating hours indicated here.

CancerCare Manitoba

CancerCare Manitoba staff will receive communication about pick up instructions from Human Resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a pronoun card?

  • Pre-orders are now closed as distribution of cards is now underway. Information about where and how to order cards will be available in the coming weeks.
    For staff located at HSC, please pick up your card on the dates and times listed above.
    For staff working in provincial services (ERS, Diagnostics, Mental Health) please watch your email for instructions about where to pick up your card.

What are the dimensions of the pronoun cards?

  • Pronoun cards are available in two lengths:
    – Regular card (4” x 2.125”) which hangs below employer-issued ID badges
    – Extra-long card (4.625″x 2.125”) for those who require a longer card to hang below multiple existing badges.

How do I order a Profession card?

  • At this time, requests for profession cards must be directed and funded through department leads. With approved budget, profession cards can be ordered through Shared Health Communications.

My pronouns are not listed. How do I order my pronoun card?

Shared Pride Celebrating diversity. Celebrating you.Who you are is okay. You are enough. And there are people out there that will love you exactly as you are. -Brent Jason Intensive Care NurseI think of the evolution of gender and sexual identity as a metaphor, like a photograph. We used to take pictures only in black and white. Over time we have had the opportunity to engage different colours. -Jennifer Seguin Mental Health Clinician/Social Worker

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