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Provincial RL Rollout

What is the Provincial RL Rollout?

Manitoba is set to introduce an updated software solution, called RL, aimed at enhancing the reporting and management of various safety aspects of patient care. RL will be gradually implemented across all health regions, starting with the Northern Health Region (NHR) at the end of April 2024.

  • The focus of this rollout will be on submitting and managing Patient Safety events and Patient Experience feedback.
  • By using an online reporting system, we will be able to standardize reporting throughout the province and more easily generate local and provincial reports to identify and analyze trends related to patient harm and other events.

Who is Affected by this Change?

All Staff will learn the new safety reporting system and how to use the data to improve health-care processes and make informed decisions on quality improvement and patient safety.

Managers will have the ability to update files electronically and run unit- or program-specific reports on trending issues. This will help focus our energies on addressing important quality and safety issues for patients and team members.

Our patients and their families will benefit from the near real-time reporting and our ability to be responsive in improving the services we provide. This will connect our goals and vision of providing the best patient care possible.

What Changes can be Expected?

  • Employees currently using a paper-based reporting system will transition to electronic reporting.
  • Employees currently using an electronic reporting system will transition to the Provincial Patient Safety Reporting system.
    • There may be a need to work on both paper and electronic forms during the transition.
    • Privacy breaches and workplace Injuries will also be reported using a different process.
  • Managers and Directors will be using this new online occurrence reporting system to document and manage events.
  • The look and familiarity of the form/fields in RL will be different. It may initially take more time to complete an occurrence report and the submission will need to be completed in one sitting (i.e., no saving of information and returning to complete the submission).

Why are we making this change?

Our guiding principles include:

  • Making a better and safer health care system for Manitobans
  • Efficient and standardized reporting capabilities in near real-time
  • Improving safety through one centralized system
  • Providing a holistic view of shared data
  • Consistent information captured throughout Manitoba

What are the Benefits?

Improved quality, safety and continuity of health care

Enhanced communication and collaboration amongst care providers and public

Better decision making based on near real-time, reliable data

Increased efficiency & timely access to information
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