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EAP Workshop: Dementia Care Essentials – Understanding the Behaviour and Communication Changes in Dementia and Personcentered Approaches (Virtual)

About the Course

All behaviour has meaning! A person may experience changing abilities because of dementia. When this affects communication and one’s actions, it can cause misunderstanding and mutual frustration.

In this session, we discuss why people with dementia may ask repetitive questions, become anxious or physically/verbally reactive. Participants will be immersed in activities that simulate sensory, environmental and communication changes – factors that may trigger a change in behaviour. We will also discuss examples of person-centered strategies.

Who Should Attend?
All staff are welcome to attend.
Staff will need to have a computer with audio and a camera to participate.

Emily Kinnaird

Registration information


Jun 13 2023


Central Time
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM


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