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EAP – Bullying in the Workplace

When we think about bullying, often our thoughts will go back to our experiences in the schoolyard. Unfortunately, bullying behavior often continues into adulthood, and many of these interactions play out in the workplace, albeit in more subtle ways. In this workshop, participants will explore:

How to recognize workplace harassment and bullying

  • definitions of workplace harassment and violence
  • dynamics of victim/perpetrator interactions
  • Characteristics and response pattern of the victimized person
  • Characteristics and response pattern of the perpetrator
  • physical and emotional symptoms
  • maladaptive coping responses
  • disruptions in work and relationships

Participants will gain an understanding of the dynamics of victim/perpetrator interactions, and gain strategies to deal with bullying and harassment.

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Feb 28 2024


9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


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