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Cultivating Intercultural Workplaces

On this day – Canadian Multicultural Day – we will share insights on how immigration trends past and present have shaped and will shape, the economic and social context in Canada.

We will explore WHAT are the current employment realities for both employers and the multicultural workforce; we will suggest WHY these realities matter when considering the economic and social wellbeing of all Albertans, and we will offer practical solutions to HOW employers can enhance their success by supporting the success of a culturally and racially diverse workforce.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives:
1. Learn about the historic immigration trends in Canada since the launch of the Canadian Multicultural Act in 1988.
2. Understand the demographic shift expected by 2035 wherein 50% of the labour force will be immigrants.
3. Recognize the distinction between cross-cultural, multicultural, and intercultural engagement.
4. Recognize the business case for hiring diverse a workforce.
5. Explore how employers can make their workplaces more user-friendly for immigrants.
6. Understand how a diverse workforce can enrich workplace productivity.
7. Know how GEDI-Hub can assist employers in attracting, engaging, and supporting racially and culturally diverse employees.
8 .Know how GEDI-Hub can assist service-providers in creating pathways to employment for their clients.

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Jun 27 2022


Central Time (Manitoba)
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


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