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Addressing Whiteness as a Barrier to Progress on Anti-Racism

 Addressing Whiteness as a Barrier to Progress on Anti-Racism with Dr. Ian Whetter

Fighting for an end to racism requires understanding and addressing Whiteness, White Supremacy, White Privilege and White Fragility. We will explore these concepts, how they get in the way of anti-racism and actions we can take to address them.

Ian Whetter is a family doctor, medical educator and father of three. He works at the University of Manitoba with a focus on increasing access to high quality, non-judgemental, and anti-racist healthcare for underserved communities.

He is the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, Co-lead of the Office of Community Engagement, a member of the Executive of the PGME Truth and Reconciliation Working Group and the UGME Lead for Social Accountability. He is Medical Director with Ongomiizwin Health Services and a preceptor with the Northern Remote Family Medicine Residency Stream.

This event is part of the Anti-Racism Speaker Series.
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Mar 24 2022


Central Time (Manitoba)
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM


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