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WOW Wednesday – 2023 Kayla Vanderwees, Clinical Resource Nurse at Riverview Health Centre

Please join the WOW Wednesday Nursing Stories: What Opportunities We Share in Career Development on June 7, 2023.

Speaker – Kayla Vanderwees, Clinical Resource Nurse at Riverview Health Centre

Kayla graduated from the University of Manitoba College of Nursing in 2016 and started her first job working in the Riverview Health Centre float pool shortly thereafter. It gave Kayla the experience of working in different areas of nursing. She helped patients regain strength and go home on the stroke rehab unit, worked with long-term ventilated patients, and provided comfort focused care on the palliative unit. This is where she found her passion. After a stint on the specialized dementia unit, she was able to secure a position back in palliative care and in January 2022, became unit Clinical Resource Nurse. Through all her past work experiences, Kayla has been able to speak about Non-Forced Care on units and at the 2022 Manitoba Palliative Care Conference. In Fall 2022, she further challenged herself by taking a University of Manitoba clinical group on the palliative unit. Kayla never could have predicted this nursing career path, but by being open to new opportunities she has had some amazing experiences that she is so grateful for.

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Jun 07 2023


12:15 PM - 12:55 PM


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