Accessing Supports & Services for Research

General Process

All research studies which will use Shared Health services or facilities must be submitted for institutional assessment.  These studies may include, but are not limited to, clinical research studies which are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, grant-funded, and Investigator-initiated projects.

This application process oversees all research related activities under Shared Health, including subcommittees of the former Shared Health Diagnostic Services and Health Sciences Centre.  This process is also currently assisting the Winnipeg Research Access & Approval Committee to help provide a streamlined and standardized approach for institutional impact assessments.

If you are unsure if your project needs to be submitted for Shared Health institutional impact assessment, please contact the Shared Health Research and Innovation Office.

All submissions and subsequent required documents are to be submitted to

Institutional Assessment

In order to assess a project for the potential impact on Shared Health, the following documents are required to be submitted electronically.  Not all documents may be necessary for each project, however, if an item is required, the submission will not be reviewed until all relevant material has been received.

  • Completed Shared Health Impact Application
  • Protocol
  • Research Ethics Board (REB) submission
  • Consent Form(s), Assent Form(s) and Consent to Contact Form(s)
  • Recruitment Materials
  • Surveys/Questionnaires
  • Budget
  • Technical/Information Manuals
  • Letters of support
    • Used when there is a broader organizational uptake required (i.e. at a program or regional level)
    • Typically, at the executive/leadership level
    • This does not replace the need for an institutional assessment
  • Animal Use Protocol Form & relevant Schedules
  • Completed Shared Health Feasibility Acknowledgment
    • Note: Projects which require services significantly outside of the standard of care/practice within Shared Health require a feasibility assessment prior to submission of the Institutional Impact Application.  For information on if your project requires a Shared Health Feasibility Assessment, contact Shared Health Research and Innovation.
  • Relevant Project Agreement(s) drafts

Approval and Activation

The following items may be required following institutional assessment in order to approve and/or activate a project or amendment.

  • Research Ethics Board (REB) Approval
  • Provincial Health Research Privacy Committee (PHRPC) Approval
  • Departmental Supplies
  • Completed Account Information Form
  • Fully Executed Agreement(s)

Prior to accessing Shared Health facilities and/or services, a Shared Health Activation letter is required.  This will be issued to the project contact following all applicable items being add

Ongoing Requirements


For any amendments, the amended documents along with a revised Shared Health Impact Application are required.

Annual Updates

The following items are required annually for all open projects

  • Research Ethics Board (REB) Annual Study Status form
  • Annual Research Ethics Board (REB) Approval

Closing a Project

Upon the closure and/or termination of a project, immediate notification must be provided.  Once available, please also provide a copy of the Research Ethics Board (REB) Final Study Status Report.

    2023 Submission/Meeting Schedule

    Submission Date (by 0900)Meeting Date
    Wednesday, January 4 Wednesday, January 18
    Wednesday, February 1Wednesday, February 15
    Wednesday, March 1Wednesday, March 15
    Wednesday, April 5Thursday, April 20
    Wednesday, May 3Wednesday, May 17
    Wednesday, June 7Wednesday, June 21
    Wednesday, July 5Wednesday, July 19
    Wednesday, August 2Thursday, August 17
    Wednesday, September 6Wednesday, Sept 20
    Wednesday, October 4Thursday, October 19
    Wednesday, November 1Thursday, November 16
    Wednesday, December 6Wednesday, December 20

    Submission and Meeting Dates are subject to change without notice

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