Research Finance

When is an Account Required?

Account information is required for all projects which may incur costs using Shared Health facilities and or services.  If account information is required for a project, it must be submitted prior to activation.

Types of Research Accounts:

SH/WRHA Accounts (Shared Health, Health Sciences Center, St. Boniface Hospital, etc.)

SH/WRHA requires an Account Name, Special Purpose Account / Cost Centre number and Expense Code. SH/WRHA payments will be made via Journal Entry. Copies of the documentation will be sent to the project billing contact(s). For information regarding Shared Health Finance or to download a copy of the application form, visit their website.

University of Manitoba Accounts

A U of M FOAP number is required.  A PO or Contract number are required if there are any anticipated charges. A U of M PO or Contract number will be required with the vendor listed as Shared Health and be applicable for all services provided under Shared Health. Note that U of M PO numbers expire on March 31st of each year. Therefore, ensure you have a valid PO for the current fiscal year for all open projects. Account number adjustments will not be made after issuing invoices. Copies of the documentation will be sent to U of M Supplier Payment Services as well as the project billing contact(s).

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