Project Intake

We are now accepting requests if the clinical change or quality improvement is:  

  • Greater than any single Service Delivery Organization (SDO)
  • Impacts or affects a larger population than any one SDO serves  
  • Changes existing care pathways or models of care   
  • Has workforce implications
  • Requires new funding or changes in funding

When submitting a request please include the following information to help us review your request:

  • Proposal Overview (short paragraph) – The aim, description and urgency of the proposal 
  • Contact Information – Your site, role, and clinical service area
  • Anticipated Outcomes – Refer to Manitoba Quality and Learning Framework (MQLF) to help describe the benefits of your project 
  • Resources – Please specify if you require staff, funding, data to support your project request  
  • Scope – Briefly describe how your project meets the criteria for quality improvement projects listed above 

Contact us with the above information at

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